In 1998, invited by Japanese company, Yoshikin, HO CHIU TAI set up an assembly factory and a sell and service center.

Due to the changes of population and market structures, the demands for foods and home cooking habits have been changing while society is developing. Meanwhile, the rate of people eating out daily has also been on the increase. In view of this, the company keeps credibility and certainty as it motto to provide great and reasonable-price food warming machines for satisfying the requirements of customers who eat out daily and makes the diversified dietetic culture improve with social development. For the above reasons, the food and drink machines made by the company also win good reputation from all circles.

Dietetics is gradually internationalized because of the convenient communications. Thereafter, the company will insist on the professional planning, design, manufacturing, logistics and after-sell service to provide manufacturers and sellers the superior food machines for customers' satisfaction.